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Double Training Program

You don't have to train to run a Double nor do you have to train to run a half marathon or even a marathon.  However, if you do some special training leading up to the Double, it most likely will be a more fun experience.

This Double Training Program was created by Bob Anderson.  He does this training once a week leading up to a Double.  He performs better when he includes this program in his regular training routine.

It is recommended that runners planning to run the Double Road Race® do Double Training twice per week.  The program outlined here consists of workouts where participants do an initial run, followed by a recovery/core training session, then a second, shorter run. In other words, each training session in this program mimics the nature and physical demands of the Double itself.

If you are running with a group, it is recommended that the running part be done on an out-and-back course.  The recovery/core portion can be done in a park, parking lot, a gym or any place where it is flat.  People may run at different paces, but the idea is that everyone will finish the first run at about the same time, which means the slower runners may need to start earlier than the faster runners.  The first run should be done at an even pace.

During the recovery/core session, the Double Program leader should encourage everyone to drink some water or electrolyte replacement fluid. The leader should start out with some basic stretching and loosening-up exercises. Then the group would move into basic exercises like one-minute planks, sit-ups, push-ups, lunges and other exercises aimed at working muscles you don't use while running.  This is also a period for the group to bond and share experiences.  The Double does not have to be done as a group, but that does add to the experience.

The second run should be done as a negative split:  Run the first half at approximately the same pace as the first run, then increase the pace in the second half. Finish strong. Not only is it good for conditioning, but it will help you in the Double.

Short Double Programs:

30-minute Double session

-- 10 minutes of running
-- 15 minutes of recovery/core training
--  5 minutes of running

45-minute Double session

-- 20 minutes of running
-- 15 minutes of recovery/core training
-- 10 minutes of running

Long Double Programs:

60-minute (one hour) Double session

-- 30 minutes of running
-- 15 minutes of recovery/core training
-- 15 minutes of running

90-minute Double session

-- 40 minutes of running
-- 30 minutes of recovery/core training
-- 20 minutes of running

120-minute (two hour) Double session

-- 60 minutes of running
-- 30 minutes of recovery/core training
-- 30 minutes of running

It is recommended that the 120-minute (two hour) Double session be done once a week for the last six weeks leading up to a Double Road Race®. As the Double draws near, limiting yourself only to Double sessions shorter than that would be considered inadequate preparation.

Double Training was developed by Bob Anderson, the creator of the Double Road Race™.  This training program will not only get you in shape both mentally and physically to finish a Double Road Race®, but it is a solid training routine overall.

The Double Training Program is being set up at companies.  If you would like to find out how you can set up this program in your company, let us know.  Write   put Double Training Program on the subject line.