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Double Pacific Grove CA Prize Money

Cash prizes will be awarded based on the rules and regulations established by the Double Road Race Federation outlined under Section 3: Cash Awards Runners must be present at the awards ceremony to receive your cash prize.  The results at the awards ceremony are unofficial, however. After the 48-hour protest period, the results will be made official and cash prizes will be mailed.

To receive prize money, the competitor has to be a current member of the Ujena Fit Club which serves as the verifying organization regarding age, identification, etc. Once the results are official, checks will be mailed ten to fifteen days after race date to the address on your Ujena Fit Club account.

"Most Fit Team" (Company or group team with the most finishers, men and women, between all the Double Racing events including the Kids Cup Double) - wins a special plaque and a special medal for each finisher.

Risper Gesabwa (left) with Bob Anderson at the Pleasanton Double Road Race Dec 21, 2014.  She set the world record posting 48:45.  She won $2110 that day, which is the most anyone has won so far.  Over $100,000 of prize money has been awarded across all age-groups.


For the latest Records and Best Performances click here. 

TAJI 100 was the winner of the Most Fit Team at the San Jose Double Racing Festival.  They received a plaque and each member received a special Most Fit Team medal.  Since they put together a team of 20 or more, they were given a team.  We also offer team discounts.  For more information, contact our Operations Director Waitman Gobble,





Grand Champion (Best Age-Graded Performance*) wins the coveted Double Victory Cup + $150

  Men Women
Men and Women 1st $150 1st $150
2nd $75 2nd $75
3rd $50 3rd $50
  20-29 1 $30 1 $30
  30-39 1 $30 1 $30
Age-Group Winners 40-49 1st $30 1st $30
50-59 1st $30 1st $30
60-69 1st $30 1st $30
70 Plus 1st $30 1st $30
UjENA Double 5K (3K+2K) 1st $50 1st $50
  2nd $25 2nd $25

Prize Money $1,275

DRRF Double 15k


World Record   $1000**   $1000**
American Record   $500***   $500***
Time Bonus        
Men Time under 43 min   $500****    
Women Time under 48 min       $500****
Total Bonus Money $4,000

*A man or woman can be our age-graded Grand Champion.  It is the person who post the best age-graded score based on the tables established by Howard Grubb for the WMA.  For additional information click here.

**If a man or woman of any age breaks the current world record, a $1000 bonus will be awarded.

***If a man or woman of any age breaks the current american record, a $500 bonus will be awarded.  Must be an American citizen

****If the winning time is under this time, a $500 bonus will be paid to first place.

+Grand Total if all bonus money was earned.

IN ALL CASES, to recieve prize money you must have a current Ujena Fit Club account, must have at least one photo posted and some current race results.


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